"If you just have one moment of happiness, where you can feel that you’re happy, even if it just lasts for a minute. It’s worth a lot. Because I think people now, everyone does all of these things because they think they should be happy like all the time. If you’re happy all of the time, it’s difficult to acknowledge when you actually are happy." — Robert Pattinson

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#the nod though #how he looks to her #and she gives her approval #they say it all with no words 

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"I’m the Evil Queen… I Mean, i’m Lana Parrilla."

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You still don’t realize what you had. You never did. You got everything I ever wanted and you didn’t even deserve it! But I’m gonna take it all from you!

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iolanis asked: kida or tiana

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make me choosepirateswaan asked killian jones or henry mills ?

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Should I stop pretending?

Take the chance to build a brand new day…

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Gorgeous AND good for you: Smoothies.